Sunday Day Dreaming

Panther Quarterback Cam Newton
Sunday is our first home game in a month and that means tailgating. It is going to be cold too with temperatures in the 40’s and wind gusting to 13 MPH.

Cold and wind wreak havoc with heat sources. This means that charcoal fires will need to be bigger than usual, and fed more often.

            SIDEBAR: Is it necessary to really have a “w” in front of reak to make wreak?  

Also too the chafing dishes will be powered by propane instead of sterno to keep the steam high and food hot.

I plan on cooking about 150 wings on the grill and spin a couple of large hens on another grill. After the success of that roast pork the other night I am considering spinning a pig and chicken if I can get there early enough.

The final tailgate will come on Christmas Eve and then the year is done. Man it has been a fast season. 

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terri said...

I might have to develop an interest in football just so I can find a group to tailgate with. The food always sounds SO good!