Southport, NC

Yesterday I woke up sick so I decided to slip on down to Southport, NC and deliver that imaginary cat to my mother in law.

It worked out just fine for me. I listened to the first half of the Carolina/Houston game and watch the second half at a local bar on the Cape Fear water front.

Southport is a unique North Carolina port town.  It is small and very historic. It is located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River and is the entry point for traffic to the port in Wilmington, NC.

Bald Head island is nearby as is Oak Island.

I overnighted in the RV, visited a friend and client and headed back this afternoon.   

A small section of downtown Southport. The Cape Fear River is behind me about 100 yards.

Here is the pier at Southport. Look closely and you can see the second brightest lighthouse in the world. The lighthouse is still running even though it is not necessary.

I love an old cemetery. These are some of the oldest graves in North America. When the Charleston earthquake hit it was felt all the way up to Southport.  Locals thought it was The Rapture and ran to this cemetery to watch the bodies rise from the grave.

The old waterfront Yacht Basin. Lots of good eateries here.

A typical historic house in Southport. The TV series Matlock was filmed in Southport and Wilmington. I saw them filming an episode years ago.

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Ken said...

Love all the pics...

Rock Chef said...

Nice pics! Sounds like a fun trip, despite you feeling rubbish. Hope it clears for the big day!

Unknown said...

Blogging in the highest degree, sir. After visiting here I find myself etertained, informed, and thinking about Robert DiNiro and Nick Nolte.

terri said...

This is what you accomplish when you're sick??? I spend all day laying around and do nothing when I'm sick!