Every Five Years Starting at 50.....

The good news is all day I can have all the clear liquids and yellow jell-o I want. Then at cocktail hour this afternoon I have two for one MoviPreps. They say it will really give you a run for your money.  

In other news....I watched my first 3D HD TV the other day and it darn near scrambled my brain. It made my right eye hurt too. Yes it was more than realistic, more like surreal. The trickery is amazing but truly made my head hurt.

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Ken said...

Oh what fun
it is to run
your lower bowels
clean in a day!

Unknown said...

I would rather have an Italian sandwich from Luigi's.

Judy said...

I am so sorry watching that 3D tv hurt you. I didn't like it either!!
Hope everything "comes out alright".