Damn Wires and Do Dads

I‘ve been moving my office all week and I am sick of it. I hate moving and I hate a cheerful mover.

Right now I am down to hanging pictures and the corporate sign back up in the reception area. I tore the crap out of the walls pulling the corporate sign off the old wall.

I think we have all the computers working, printers, faxes, etc. There are still boxes to unpack and files to shred.

We bought a cool coffee maker that brews one cup at a time. You choose the flavor, pop the cartridge in the brewer, push a button and in less than a minute you have a fresh cup of great tasting coffee.

The new office is much smaller and much more expensive per square foot than the old office. It is very upscale compared to the old place. We joke about how nice the bathroom and lobby is and hope we are acting right in such a “fancy boy” place.

Seriously, people act and dress differently in this building. I went in this morning in a sweat shirt and jeans and the handful of people I saw in there on a Saturday were dressed like Muffy and Biff even on their day off. This is such a yuppie southern town.

Wait until I drive up in the Jeep with the top down with Duke and his lipstick sticking out. They’ll all faint.


Ken said...

Show'em your true colors, stand proud!

Michael said...

I had a wiry do dad day too! In fact I had a wiry week. I finally just got the Great Pumpkin fixed (at least solved the latest problem, so it starts again).

After swapping out the starter motor and solenoid, disconnecting and cleaning all the huge ground cables from the battery and the starter/engine block to the chassis, then replacing all the huge cables , positive and negative from the battery to the starter and chassis and starter to chassis with shiny new sealed marine grade cable, I finally found the problem.

It was a little 14 gauge wire from the ignition switch to the solenoid. Apparently it was getting enough juice through to click the starter gear into place, to engage the flywheel, but not enough to close the circuit to send juice to the starter... or something like that. It took me over a week to find it and about 5 minutes to fix it.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I hate that. When I first got my Jeep it smoked and stank. Turns out it was a little old vacuum hose that was making it burn rich and fouling the plugs.

Ali said...

See...I was sitting here laughing about Muffy and Biff...and then I read about Duke and his lipstick and had to run for the bathroom to avoid peeing on my computer chair.
Nice job.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Good Ali, we all need a laugh. Old Duke like any guy is real proud of that thing.

Judy said...

I bought one of those cool coffee makers for my home. I love it!

Chris said...

Every time I hear the "lipstick" referral, I think of Family Guy.