I'm Strolling Down Memory Lane

I am in the middle of moving my office so I have had my head in dusty boxes all week rather than the computer. Hopefully by months end or sooner I can turn off the lights for the last time here and start anew in my newer, upscale space about 600 yards away.

The problem is moving 600 yards or 600 miles is about the same trouble.

The problem too is I get all nostalgic going through all my stuff. I have baby pictures of dogs that are old now, a hotel room key (real key) to a room in the Plaza, NY across from Central Park.

I have dozens of dried out pens, half used pile of post-it notes with company logos that went broke years ago.

There are business cards from people that I wonder what happened to them.

I found some salad crackers I swear are from George H W Bush administration. I didn’t eat them but they were still crunchy.

I have too many decorations, pictures, keepsakes. I have a film container of dirt from my first trip to St. Croix, a red stone from Sedona, AZ, a 300 year old brick from the ruins of Brunswick Town, NC.

There are dozens of electric cords, chargers and such from electronics that were long ago discarded.

My new office is smaller but nicer. I’ve sold a lot of furniture on Craig’s List and still to get rid of a few cubicles, a Bunn Coffee maker and a microwave I bought back in 1984. I still have the instruction book on how to cook a turkey in that thing. What were they thinking?

Well, enough of memory lane for now, back to packing.


Liv said...

moving is cleansing. good on ya!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes, I am lightening the load for sure.

I have waaaay too much crap.

Jahooni said...

keep only enough to fill up one junk drawer... everyone should have at least one! Me, I have several... ;)~

Michael said...

Don't you have a chunk of stainless boat something-or-another and an old Land Rover nameplate?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh yes....I have the boat stainless steel thing and that stays.

I never got the rover part. I saw it, talked about it, but Cooter showed up and I never took it.

Hey, good to see your brudder blogging.

Ali said...

I'm dreading cleaning out my office - in just two short years I have accumulated a lot of crap.
I can't wait to see pictures of your new digs - you should set up your web cam again so I can check in on you!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The problem Ali is I started using voice over ip for my phone. This saves money but uses bandwidth.

The web cam sucks too much bandwidth and makes the phone uplink scratchy sounding so I shut the cam off.

We can still talk and see each other on Skype.

Michael said...

Hmmm, I forgot about Cooter interrupting us. I bet that old Land Rover name plate is still on that old Land Rover, across from the old faded St. Croix license tag. I'll have to drill out the rivets and send you the name plate along with the St. Croix Port Authority license plate.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thank you sir. My breath is baited.

I can't wait to see both. I clearly remember standing in the driveway talking, then the next thing I was on your roof.

For those of you looking on, Michael is going to send me an old USVI license tag, a Port Authority tag no less from some old forgotten government official. It will look too cool on my Jeep.