I'm Making Plans

I am getting very pumped up about the boating possibilities this summer down on the coast.

Down in Brunswick County, North Carolina there are a lot of tidal creeks like Lockwood Folly that essentially are black water, undisturbed, and loaded with birds and wildlife. My boat draws 4 inches so essentially I can go most anywhere a canoe or kayak can go. Better yet I can motor where deep enough.

Lockwood Folly is navigable 14 miles inland. I have passed the suggested launch site off the highway many times and have longed to explore those quiet black waters.

Yes there are a few alligators and snakes, but from my experience the attacks are stuff movies are made of. Most gators and snakes sun themselves and look for something to eat. I’m a star and I’m not lunch.

Then there are various barrier islands like Battery Island that are bird nesting preserves. No one is allowed to land there but you are free to observe from the water.

Then there is Buzzard’s bay along side Bald Head Island. This is a shallow area of wild life to explore fit for a canoe or Porta-Bote.

There are vast stretches of deserted and isolated beaches to explore. Simply put, you may be a 500 yard boat ride from densely populated areas. The only thing separating you from the world is a strip of water and maybe 250 years of development.

I love exploring beaches that are undisturbed and undeveloped.


Anonymous said...

Snakes? You said the magic word.

You enjoy your boating trip down Death's Creek and I'll sit comfortably in a corner at my house mumbling incoherently.

Anonymous said...

That sounds SO beautiful. I'd love to take a camera along on that trip. Got room for a passenger???

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Good cause Gigi said she isn't going to float down that snake infested creek with me.

It is gorgeous down there. Quiet...except for the occasional snake plopping in the water.

As you get toward the ocean you start to have the ability to catch saltwater fish like flounder and trout.

Jay said...

Snakes and I don't get along very well. I don't think I'd be wandering down that creek with them myself.

Ken said...

That's a perfect little boat for that kind of exploring. Don't forget a paddle and plenty of ice in your cooler. A small tripod for your camera, you'll surely get some awesome wildlife shots.
Oh, and do try to avoid hanging out under branches.

Michael said...

I get along fine with snakes. Never met a 'gator, so not sure there. But I'll join you one of these days.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I have a good gator joke Michael...I need to share it off line though.

Yep...if I can't visit Buck Island then I'll have to make my own adventures.

By the way...I hear the waters at Frying Pan Shoals are clear and 45 feet with lots of ship wrecks. It's off the mouth of the Cape Fear.

I've seen you slap a nurse shark so I'll wait till you visit to dive this spot.