Just Checking In...

Gigi called me at work yesterday and said, “Your ship has come in.”

I was happy at the news but wasn’t sure what she was talking about. Then I remembered that my Porta-bote was on order.

It turns out it was the 5 HP motor. I expect the boat in a few days.

I can’t wait to take the rig to the lake and break in the motor. Sounds like a nice lazy day with a picnic to me. I plan to mount the boat on the Jeep overhead rack and mount the motor on the back in the receiver hitch of the Jeep. It should all look cool and be fun.

It is definitely turning spring here. My front yard is covered in onions, actually wild garlic I am told, and the smell hangs heavy on the horse’s breath.

The tree buds are swelling and all the early flowers are out.

Now we are experiencing a few stolen warm days in trade for a few days of winter. Gradually though, spring is winning out, and I like that.

We have been fortunate this winter to get a large amount of rain. We are still officially in a drought but all the ponds and lakes are returning to normal levels.


Anonymous said...

The boat sounds like fun! I hope you post pictures.

Glad to hear spring is on its way there. It's still a little iffy here, but we are on the home strectch. (Even though it snowed this morning.)

TerryC said...

LOL! Gigi kills me! "Your ship has come in!" Too funny!!

Give that woman a great big hug for us (and have her give you one back for us - it's only fair).

Hmmm. Horses with garlic breath. I guess it's better than garlic other emissions, but they probably have that, too.

Glad you are feeling better about the weather!

Jahooni said...

i love how you just talk about anything and everything....

we have gotten (yep that is my texan in me, gottin) so much rain this year. California really needed it so that is a good thing.

oh and i need the details again about your island. me and hubby are going to our agent next week to book our 10 year anniv. and i want to say, BAM... what about this island?! ;)~

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Gotten....nothing wrong with gotten.

St Croix is either perfect for you or you will be miserable.

It is a beautiful, laid back island that is quintessential Caribbean. There are breath taking views, warm breezes, reefs to dive and snorkel, good food, big smiles.

Judy said...

What is not to LOVE about St. Croix?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I think some people prefer the sterile surroundings of a Ritz Carlton like in St Thomas.

I don't personally.

In a place like Jamaica you have to stay on a resort property or you'll get hacked up.

In St Croix you are free to roam.