A Spring Afternoon

Last weekend was so windy and cold that I didn’t get any time to play with my new boat. Today I decide to cut out early and do some chores around home and drag out the boat if I had time.

The spring onions needed mowing and the lawn mower had to be coaxed back to life. I jump started the lawn tractor and it smoked a bit then resumed life as it knew it last fall.

In no time the air was filled with the aroma of onions, dog shit, and ground up leaves.

Now I had time to drag out the hull. I unfolded the boat to reveal the Hull Number so I can register this boat. I am so glad I bought the 10 foot model because that is about all I can handle, carry and lift by myself.

Contrary to what Terry said the boat looks great. Yes it is strange looking.

The newer models have a big decal applied on each side toward the back that advertises the fact it’s a Porta-Bote. This will still leave me room for my Origami II decal and then the NC State registration number. Each side will be full of numbers or lettering.

Right now I am filling out paperwork to register the boat and motor with the state.

Oh another thing…I got my marine radio. It is so cool and it was cheap at $39 from Overton’s. I’ve been reading about all the marine channels and protocol. Plus it has weather channels and warning sirens. It tells what channel to talk to whom.

I was practicing my Mayday calls for laughs.

I really don’t know what to expect with this boat. It has been 30 years since I powered a boat in the Intracoastal Waterway. The waterway is crowded with every thing from yachts to dingies.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll drag out all the parts for a complete piecing together of Origami II.

Expect pictures and maybe video.