Its a Real Boat Ya'll

Today was the day that I put together my boat.

At first it was as if I was trying to pry open a giant clam. Three times I lost my grip and my left leg was eaten by the beast.

Out of breath I rested and regrouped. It can’t be this hard, there is a lady with big hair on the directions that put one together by herself.

On the 4th attempt I succeeded in prying open the jaws and locking the sides apart with the handy tool provided.

Sorry, I was still in my PJs.

There, the jaws of the beast wide open.

Adding a few seats and it's starting to look like a boat.

You know me, I couldn't wait to get the lettering on. Origami. I need to get a magic marker and scribble on a 2 since her sister boat Origami is in St Croix. Then it will look like Origami squared.

I put on the bow cap and will let this thing rest in the sun for a few days to loosen the joints.


The comment has been challenged by another blogger so we’ll go to the booth for a review.

After reviewing the picture, the comment stands. There was one Topsider deck shoe clearly showing on the left foot and we have no evidence another deck shoe is on the right foot.

The challenger will be charged one time out.


Jay said...

It's looking pretty good. Can you put a grill on the front of it?

Anonymous said...

Cool boat! Nice jammies too!

TerryC said...

Yeah! Cute jammies!

Sorry your boat is so ugly, though ;)!

But seriously, your "bote" is nicer because it's new. Is the foam stuff hard? Because ours was like cheap styro when we got it and it flaked all over everything.

Glad you're having fun!

TerryC said...

And your seats are plastic and they have cup holders? Wow!

For your non-alcoholic beverages of course!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Jay, an excellent idea. I've seen where folks put up a platform for their dogs. I grill would work too. I could be like the African Queen chugging down the river with a trail a burger smoke.

Reggie Hunnicutt said... favorite winter jammies. I did have my deck shoe on.

Terry...the foam is sort of firm yet pliable. I'll find out what it is called.

Yes the seats have cup holders and they are plastic filled with foam to help make it unsinkable.

I oiled up the outboard (4 stroke) so I may take it out any day this week.

I guess I need to wait to get my registration number back from the State.

Michael said...

What kind of Pirate Captain has to bow to the authority of the state?

Oh, and Terry wants to know if you had your left or right deck shoe on?

Oh, Oh, and I want to know which one of the border collies took that picture of your jammied ass?

Jahooni said...

my hubby has those same jammy pants... i am cracking up! whew... my tummy hurts lolololololololo

cute boat, i didn't know you could buy a boat like this with leggos and such! ;)~

Anonymous said...

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Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael, I would hate to get busted first trip out so I thought I would follow the life of Stede Bonnet, gentleman pirate and start legit.

As best as I can tell mister smart britches, I can see in the photo that I had on my left shoe for sure.

My lovely bride Gigi shot the ass pose to get back at me of one I did of her last year coming out of the Jeep ass first. She considers the matter even Steven.

Jahooni, consider yourself blessed that your husband has the same good taste as I in PJ bottoms.

I swear this is a real boat. All you nay sayers and poke funniers will be amazed when I post video of me skimming across the lake or trolling down a lazy tidal creek.

Lego boat my big old ass.

mr zig said...

that thing is awesome!

Ken said...

Those fold a botes really are an amazing bit of enginering.

Michael said...

I dunno Wreg, your jammied ass is shadowing your left foot, from my view down here, looks like that foot could be bare, with a good tan.

TerryC said...

Gosh, I wish Gigi had taken a picture of your bare right foot, too!

Nice special effects, Wreg!

Michael said...

Request for clarification:
"The challenger will be charged one time out."

Does this mean I forfeit the first round of comments on your next post? Or I can't make another comment on this post?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

A time out have to go to your room and be quiet until Terry says you can come out. No TV and no toys.

Anonymous said...

Isn't everything better when done in pajamas?