Excitement Abounds!

As you may recall, I am deputy Fire Marshall of the first floor. I have held this esteemed position for almost one year.

As of the end of the month I will have to give up this post since we are moving to another building.

Not once during my tenure was I called into action.

Guess what? We just had a fire and the Fire Marshall was at lunch so I was called into action.

The maintenance crew was applying new pine needles (pine straw is what we call it) to the surrounding shrubbery (bushes we called them).

Meanwhile, the interior maintenance guy flips on the outdoor light that illuminates the building at night. The powerful light ignited the dry needles and a fire raged for about 5 minutes.

There I was standing in the smoking rubble like Rudolf Giuliani examining the two destroyed shrubs.


Anonymous said...

You are a true hero! You have my eternal admiration.

Jay said...

I can't believe you didn't remember to tell one of the maintenance guys to get a picture of you saving the day. It would have been perfect for your campaign poster.

Ali said...

Woohoo! You deserve a medal!
What would they have done without you? Lucky you were around, and I agree with Terri, I admire you even more now - hehe.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thank you ladies and gentlemen. I am getting over the smoke inhalation just now.

Jahooni said...

okay NOW you deserve to go to your Island, but only after that! ;)~