I Can Save the Planet

I have figured out a way save the planet. Yep.

Well, not exactly, but I have identified a source of energy that is not harnessed.

Have you ever been downtown in a large city and noticed how women’s skirts blow up?

That my friend is wind power diverted by tall buildings down to the unsuspecting at street level.

Now consider if buildings were arranged in such a fashion where this wind could be diverted into wind mills to generate power and still blow skirts up.

That would be golden.

I’ll let someone smarter than me figure out all the details but remember you read it first here.


Ali said...

Hmm, maybe you should try to contact someone in Winnipeg about that - my skirt is always being blown up in the summer...

Jay said...

Call Al Gore with your idea.

As long as the skirts get blown up I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

Why you don't get paid to think of these things is beyond me!

Michael said...

Somebody beat you to it.

There's a company in Holland that makes vertical axis wind generators specifically to take advantage of the variable winds influenced by skyscrapers in urban areas.

It's called the Turby. (The main site is in dutch , but there is a link for english).

Ken said...

I thought that was a great idea too. To bad michael popped your bubble. He must be on ..island time.
Go for a cruise on the lake and keep thinking.