Steady as She Goes

It is so rare when you have a concept that you can take to reality without a hitch.

Look how perfect this outboard motor and tank fit this foldable saw horse.

I unpacked the boat and it is a beauty. There was no damage in transit.

I decided against a dry run today since the winds are gusting over 40 mph and sustained at 25 mph.

It’s so windy the dogs water bowls are white capping.


Jay said...

Are you going to take that boat out onto international waters so people can gamble legally?

Can wait for some boat vlogging out on the water dude.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Good point Jay...I could follow the gambling boat and start playing solitaire for money once I hit the 3 mile limit. Might even take a few fly girls to serve me beer.

Oh they'll be vlogging for sure.

TerryC said...

"I unpacked the boat and it is a beauty."

Riiiight! That's the fugliest boat ever made. But it is functional. Have they improved upon the black foam inside? I wonder how long it takes for it to start deteriorating up north.

Here, with the intense sun and elements everything disintegrates very quickly. The first time we took the boat out we were covered in black stuff, which is why we "upholstered" it with those scraps of fabric. Now, when we take it out, we only get covered in spiders that have been hiding underneath it waiting for us to take it out. Fun!

none said...

Cool! time to go water skiing!

Chris said...

A portable boat. That's the coolest thing I've ever heard of.
I bet I could load one of those up on my Cavalier....