It's Move Day!

Today is move day for me. I will have all my stuff boxed by this afternoon and movers will come to take all my office crap to my new office during an after hours move this evening.

I hate moving because you have to face the reality of all the useless stuff you’ve collected. Plus it’s a lot of dusty work.

I have spent the last two days actually dumping drawers full of stuff. I threw out a 1984 microwave I bought from JC Penny in the same year. There was a round of applause in the office. Everyone hated that microwave. We are all certain we have some radiation damage from that appliance fossil.

The Bunn Coffee maker got a stay of execution when Ty agreed to take it and see if he could sell it on eBay.

I had tons of hard back books that made me look smart and they are gone. I had industry awards lining the shelf and most are gone. Finally I attacked the middle drawer of my desk where I keep dried up pens, old business cards and loose change.

I noticed during all of this packing that in every drawer there was one dried up rubber band and a paper clip at the bottom of each drawer. I’m not sure what that was about.


Michael said...

So, rubber bands and paper clips start out life in a big jumble of their brethren, but die alone, at the bottom of a dusty desk drawer.

Terry points out that the paper clips may be resuscitated and put to further mundane office service.

Maybe paper clips are the doulas of the small office supply universe. They seek out the old decaying rubber bands to give them solace in their final moments.

Jay said...

Everybody knows that paper clips and rubber bands are perfect for each other. Unfortunately our unenlightened society looks down upon the union of these two so they have to hide their love for one another. They usually find a nice quiet space at the bottom of drawers or even in the corner behind a filing cabinet. And they stay there, hiding from the shame of society.