The Weekend

Shit fire and apple butter….tings haven’t been going right for me; nothing big or life threatening, just little crap.

Friday my email program Eudora got corrupt. Eudora is a very old email client and it is no longer produced or supported. I have kept email from 2001 on. I still have all my attachments from then so I’ll get by. It never worked that well with Vista operating system.

I had all my email accounts set up, filters, addresses and so on. It was like playing an old familiar piano; expect I don’t actually play a piano in real life.

I’ll miss Eudora; she’s been a friend since the mid 90’s. On to Google Mail I guess.

I drove to Oak Island yesterday to deliver the TV cabinet to my mother in law. I had one mishap when I literally popped my thumbnail between a TV and the cabinet. Blood was everywhere but it stopped soon.

On the way down and back I listened to Raw Dog comedy on satellite radio. I laughed my ass off for eight hours and nearly had to pull over at one point. I was in tears laughing all by myself.

When I got home this morning it was in the 60’s. I took the doors off Testicules the Jeep
(The Jeep formally know as Timmy the Beast) and got ready for a fun romp in the country. Everything was ready and I attempted to start the Jeep and heard, CLICK.

Hmmm, maybe the battery is dead. Nope the jumper cables didn’t help. Maybe the battery is shot. I took the battery out and had it tested at the auto parts store. Nope the battery is fine.

I called my mechanic and he said it sounded like the solenoid was stuck. I hit it with a hammer and now the click was totally gone.

No fun Jeep ride today.

And now the really bad stuff. I am watching standard definition TV off of analog cable. The TV is on the floor with dusty components all around.

My satellite HD setup is not working right so I continue suffering.

I need to get busy shopping for a Plasma TV.


Jay said...

Did you test the Jeep's alternator?

I would feel sorry for you not having your HD yet, but since I don't have HD I really don't. haha

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No I haven't checked it. I am barely mechanical.

Michael said...

No, if the battery is OK and has charge, then the alternator works. I think your mechanic is closer, likely solenoid or starter motor.

I know what you mean about Eudora, that's what I'd been using back in the early nineties too, before Apple included their Mail program with OS9 or OSX, I forget. I like my apple mail client best, but on the pc at work I use Thunderbird, from the Mozilla group that developed the Firefox browser. Give that a shot, I think it'll be an easy transition from Eudora, you may even be able to import all your mail from Eudora mailboxes, if only the program was corrupted.

Bummer about the thumb.

We only get one fuzzy PBS channel of regular TV on a 6-10 year old analog TV. So no sympathy for you there. We mostly use it to watch movies. I think PBS has been on 2-3 times since I put the antennae on the roof for Terry.

Ali said...

And here I was thinking I was the only person in the world that had ever even heard of Eudora, let alone used it.
I didn't even have an email address until I went to college in the 90's, and Eudoramail was what I was introduced to.
But in 2002 I was harassed so much for using unheard of email that I eventually felt the pressures to be cool and was "upgraded" to Hotmail.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ahhh...more closet Eudora users.

Michael, I loaded Thunderbird but it couldn't seem to import the mail. It just freezes up. I guess it is having problems with Eudora too.

I figured if the battery was good them the alternator should be good too.

Don't forget that you over the air people will loose your signal next February unless you get a converter box for the new and improved digital signal. The government will give you a coupon for $40 toward a box...hell Hilliary might just give you one.

Doc said...

Prices are really falling on the plasma TV's thsi should be a great time to buy. Especially if you get the 720p

Stacy said...

buy me a plasma while you are at it

mr zig said...

ah yes, good ol' eudora... I used to like that one...

as for the regular analog tv... ouch - I feel your pain dude!

Jahooni said...

are you complaining like a girl?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I guess I was Jahooni.