An Exciting Story

I use a HP laptop with Vista as my primary brain. It controls my life.

It keeps my calendar, and connects me to the world. I fax with it, email with it, blog with it, chat through it, make phone calls with it (Skype), write letters with it, read news, sports and weather with it. I store music and photos with it.

It is my constant companion.

I have a 250 GB external storage device that I use as a backup. Every night at 3 AM my trusty pc backs up data in case of a disk crash.

This morning it was full. Damn.

That was a good story wasn’t it? I’ll bet you’ll go around all day telling your friends about this.

“Wow, let me yell you about Reggie’s external storage and how he filled it up.”

You can thank me later about having something to talk about over drinks.

Now ya’ll go and have a good weekend.


Ali said...

Ooh - I can't wait to get myself to work and bust in with this story! Everyone around the water cooler is going to wish it was theirs...damn, guess I better get myself there before Zig...

Unknown said...

I actually can say that is QUITE impressive. 250gb is a lot of space!!! I have a 120gb drive in my music PC and probably 1000+ albums on it. It is nowhere near full.

Can't you set the backup to overwrite the previous data?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

See? The story is exciting and thought provoking.

Actually I was able to clear off about 59 gigs of stuff that was just repeat backup stuff.

Unknown said...

Yeah backup stuff and porn :)