In my mind I have a dog hall of fame that is ornate and beautiful. In there are ebony busts displayed of my favorite canine pets that have gone on along with their stories of greatness. My hall of fame honors Dody, Redbud, Dottie, Barkley, Blacky, Galaxy, Rockwell, Rusty, Little Man, and the list goes on. I hope that many will be added in my lifetime.


Yesterday I inducted Abby. She is gone now and we miss her very much.


On Friday I drove to Knoxville, TN and back to deliver Abby to a foster couple named Karen and Jay. It is my hope that Karen and Jay will continue healing Abby and find her a good permanent home. Abby deserves this.


I got this encouraging email from Karen, “So far so good.  She fits right into the family.  It's like she has been here forever.”


It is amazing how much you can bond with a loving animal in just a month.


I will miss you Abby. 


terri said...

I don't know how you do it. In my adult lifetime, there has been one and only one incredible and very special dog. It still hurts to think about her sometimes now that she's gone. There have been moments in which I've considered getting another, but I just can't do it.

Of course, I suppose caring for one temporarily and knowing she's moving on to another loving family is different than knowing she's gone forever.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I’ve seen too many people not get another dog because of the fear of the inevitable pain of loosing it one day.

There are too many dogs to love and you have too much dog love bottled up in you to suppress.

Look at Dexter. He needs a good home. You can take him turnkey all healthy and teach him that there are nice people in the world.

Michael said...

I'm glad Abby has a good home, but am amazed you two were able to give her up.

TerryC said...

Wow! You did it!

Incredible strength is required to do such a thing.

I just don't really trust other people enough to give a dog that I have housed, even for a few hours to them.

Are the others glad to have you to themselves again?

Good going, guys!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It was painful to see here off. We are still sad.

But you Dad once said, "Every man deserves a good woman and a good dog".

I have been fortunate to have 6 great dogs.

Judy said...

I know it was hard to let her go but you did the right thing.