I am a man without a browser. I used to use Microsoft Explorer and had no complaints.


Oh I dabbled in Firefox just to be a bad boy and the experience enabled me to communicate with nerds better.


But MS Explorer was my browser and all was right with the world.


Then came along Microsoft Vista. It seems that Explorer hung up in Vista and this angered me. It angered me to the point that I turned to the dark side and started using Firefox.


Firefox was cool and all the cool kids were using it. We were outlaws and we had extensions. I got my Firefox all configured and all was right with the world.


Then one day my Accuweather extension disappeared. This angered me because I like weather. But I went on until one day my Google Toolbar disappeared.


I tried reinstalling the extension and it didn’t show up. I tried uninstalling Firefox and reinstalling Firefox and the toolbar and it didn’t work. I cannot function in this modern world without my Google toolbar. The toolbar has all of my links, my maps, my email, my documents, my everything.


Then along came Google Chrome. Wow! Google’s own browser and I was ecstatic.  I was going to be cooler than cool…I was cutting edge.  


It seems however that Google Chrome developer team didn’t find it necessary to develop a Google toolbar for Google Chrome. Sounds familiar in a way with the Vista/Explorer debacle. In addition, Chrome doesn’t work with the current release of Java so I can’t use many web applications like weather radars.


So back to crashing Explorer.


One last thing…no comments please from nerdy ass Apple users please. 


Michael said...

"One last thing…no comments please from nerdy ass Apple users please. "

I have a problem with listening, just ask my wife. ;)

Apple, the people who make your beloved iPod iTouch iPhone or whatever version you're using now, also developed the browser Safari (The Google folks borrowed their rendering engine for Chrome from Apple's Safari, because its fastest and most efficient).

Apple has now made Safari available on Windows for you miserable WinBox Luddites. You might give that one a try.

I tried out Chrome, I liked the simplicity and lack of toolbar clutter. Its still in Beta (Google loves Beta, it'll probably still be in Beta for the next ten years, far beyond its usefulness). But I think the idea was to free you from the toolbars taking up so much screen realestate and put more functionality into subtle drop-down menues and such. I think most of your favorite toolbar features will eventually make it into Chrome. At least its better than EI7, what a disaster.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I love you man.....I chummed the water and you bit.

Actually I am forced to use Explorer because all of our secure shit at work is written exclusively for Explorer.

I prefer anything but explorer and will give Safari a whirl.

I do worry about Steve the only person with a brain at Apple Jobs staying alive to keep the company alive.

Unknown said...

It appears your days never pass without sme sort of hardship :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You whipper snapper...when you get old you'll get bitchy too!

Ken said...

I'd go bonkers without my weather radars.

mr zig said...

I feel your pain... I'm on the eternal hunt for a stable browser as well.. I found safari crashes a lot in Vista :( booo - as does explorer, and chrome, well I better stop now before I write a whole post as a comment! :)

Teresa said...

Ah...see I think my Explorer crashes a lot with Vista too now that you say it that way...I just keep yelling and screaming "this stupid computer doesn't work either!!!!" And my husband shakes his head, sighs, and rolls his eyes...this could by why...