PC News

The other day I noticed a peanut skin between the cover of my notebook computer and the actual LCD screen. This should have been a clue that something wasn't right.

At work the next day I forced air in the area to dislodge the skin to a better, less annoying position.

Finally on Sunday I heard a cracking sound on my notebook and saw the whole cover of the PC coming apart.

On Monday I dropped off the notebook and awaited the bad news. New screen covers front and back plus labor for less than $300. Not bad. The PC is two years old and still works fine. I have it backed up too.

I should be back in the saddle by Monday and have a new looking PC.


terri said...

Whew! You got lucky, I think!

Michael said...

I'm in a similar position. The other day, Monday morning actually, I noticed my Mac was shut down. It wasn't when I went to bed. We've had all sorts of rain and thunder and lightning and such, but not really that night, and besides, we have the solar back-up and a battery back-up its plugged into. But the real concern began when I pushed the on button, and nothing happened.

I unplugged it and left it an hour, then hooked it back up and tried again. It started, yeah! But told me my date and time were off (some date in 2001 or 2000 or something) and I should reset it or it could cause problems. Before I could get to the Date/Time control panel, it shut down again.

No kinds of cajoling, machinations, or bribery could get it started again. I took it apart, removed and replaced the RAM, like I do with Terry's PC when it does this, dusted and cleaned inside, reset the PMU, or SMU, or whatever, some sort of internal controller on the motherboard - Nothing.

So I'm awaiting the diagnosis from the shop.

And one last thing - I don't need any sassy-ass comments from you pc winbox nerds. ;)

Unknown said...

Wow that is very cheap. I have had to replace screens in laptops before and it is no easy task! I think you are getting a very good deal!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael...In PCs we have system restore. It is far superior to any Mac thang.

Jay...this does not include the LCD which was okay. So for two pieces of plastic I guess it isn't bad.

Michael said...


Apple now has "Time Machine" which is far superior to system restore, but like SR, requires the computer to actually be on, which mine won't do. Its likely a PRAM battery or power supply issue. Its supposed to be ready monday, like yours. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'm reduced to using PCs ;-)