The Family Curse on Wachovia

Back in 1954, I was yet to be conceived but my parents were well under way at raising a family and building a career.

My parents and two sisters lived in Rocky Mount, NC in the eastern part of the state near the Tar River. 

At some point Dad was offered an opportunity to move to Durham, NC for better opportunity in his career.

My family found a house and made arrangements for the girls education, and lastly closed their bank account in Rocky Mount by requesting a cashiers check. 

Upon arriving in Durham, Dad took the cashiers check to the local Wachovia Bank and Trust Company to set up a new account. The bank gladly set up the account but told Dad that they would put a 10 day hold on his check until the funds cleared. He explained that a cashiers check was as good as cash but the bank would not budge.

At this point my father snatched the check from the banker and in a Charlton Heston, Moses like voice with the wind blowing and lightning bolts flying said, "Fine then my good man. I shall never do business with you, nor my family, nor my children's children, and all future generations of Hunnicutt's and the fruit of their loins." Or something to that effect. 

And so it was that a curse was placed on Wachovia and my father opened an account with Durham Bank and Trust.   

I have avoided doing business with Wachovia Bank my entire adult life to honor the family curse. 

And now...Wachovia is on the ropes looking for a healthy bank to buy them. The Hunnicutt curse took 54 years to run it's course. I raise a coffee cup to your memory Dad. Wachovia is going down!


Michael said...

I wonder if all those email scams did anything to assist your dad's curse. I've never done any business with Wachovia either (I didn't know anything about your curse, but I guess it was strong enough to drive me from Wachovia subconsciously ;), but we're regularly getting emails telling us our account has been frozen, or whatever, and please log in to confirm blah blah blah, so we can steal all the money you don't have in your non-existent Wachovia account.

Ken said...

I did the same to Bank of America. They wanted $5 to cash a $100 check from their own bank because I didn't have an account there. I went into a nice long spiel in a calm voice and told them what I thought of a bank that would do that to their customers and left[with the check]. When I told my friend who wrote the check, she went to the bank and told them as I did, what she thought of a bank that would do that to their customers, while closing her account with that bank. He He He

TerryC said...

Damned those banks! They're just all about money!

terri said...

You Hunnicutt's are some powerful people! Remind ME never to get on your bad side!

Judy said...

I never knew that story. I have never done business with them though. I knew Daddy had stock in CCB and that is where we always have banked but it was bought out by Sun Trust.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...


Did you just hear the mighty Wachovia fall/fail?

Glory jalapeno!

Yes Judy. I remember daddy telling me the story and how he would never do business with them again. He hoped they would go broke and they did 54 years later.