We are completely chillin’ down here in Southport, NC. We expect rain the entire weekend and we don’t care.


There is good football on the TV and I am glad to declare an Evelyn Wilson weekend after a hectic week.


Abby rode down with the pack and everyone was on their best behavior. We counted feet, nipples, tails, lungs, butt holes, etc currently in the truck to pass the time. Having a bird in the car was a nice wildcard.


Abby did finally get to meet her new owner and they hit it off better than I expected. This will be a good home for a dog who was on death row just 6 weeks ago with big time medical problems to boot.


I need to nap now between college games.  


Ali said...

Look at that Gigi - hot as ever :)

Miss you!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Isn't she hot? I was talking junk just a few minute ago.

You never out grow junk talking.

terri said...

Your counting games totally crack me up. I'm totally picturing you and the Hot Mrs. riding along in the truck announcing "5 butt holes," "10 nipples"....

Every once in a while, when I'm reading blogs I fully laugh out loud and someone asks, "What? What?"

This was one of those times.

Ali said...

Uh, does "junk talk" mean dirty talk to you?
Or are you talking like "junk in the trunk"?

LOL - oh man, funny Wreggie :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Dirty talking.

Except NFL is on now.

Unknown said...

So, do we get the tally of lips and assholes?

Judy said...

Yes, GiGi looks good but I am amazed at how much better Miss Abby is looking! She looks so much better. She was so lucky to hve you and Gigi resue her!