Swimming With the Sharks at the Edge of the World

There is something to be said about the exhilaration and rush that I feel when I am in danger. The adrenalin heightens my senses. I feel almost super human in my mental processes. My thought sequences run three steps ahead before my body can physically catch up. I am so alert. Outcomes and options seem so clear.


Another dark shadows pass effortlessly under me. I feel vulnerable. Was it real or did I imagine it? I get another shot of the magic brain drug from my body.


This is how I felt thrice while swimming in the presence of sharks or barracudas down in St Croix. Yes it could be dangerous but three, no four time I remember now I have felt that oh sweet shot of fear adrenalin.


I got back on the drug yesterday at work.


I am in the industry that is making headlines. My house is worth more than Lehman Brothers after all the combined efforts of brightest Ivey League business minds ran it into the ground.


I am a little player in a big scary sea right now and I am loving it.   


Judy said...

Oh my gosh not me! I don't do well with the fear factor. I just turn to shakey mush when there is danger present.

Kuckie said...

I can go either way, depending on the situation. Good luck, Wreggie!

Ali said...

Ooh, I hear you. I love the feeling of teetering on the edge of danger - gives me chills.
Good luck little fish!

Michael said...

Just keep swimming... just keep swimming... swim swim swim ...