Thought for the Day

I was in a sports bar the other night having a few chicken wings and I got to thinking.

I heard that we export chicken feet to China where they like to eat them or something. This sounds very gross to me.

I wonder if they think wings are gross and they send their wings to us in exchange for the feet. It would be a numerically equivalent trade.

Someone has to be sending us wings because we American guys eat a lot of them.

Maybe somewhere in China right now two guys are whooping it up over a basket of buffalo chicken feet while watching soccer or what ever they watch having this same thought?


Unknown said...

I made wings last night. I'll have to make some for you sometime.

I tried a new ranch fajita recipe that is one of my new favorites!

Anonymous said...

The things you wonder about sometimes crack me up!

TerryC said...

It's always frightening when men in sports bars start to "think". ;)

Chicken feet are also sold at our St. Croix "Cost-U-Less" warehouse store. I believe people use them in soup, to flavor the stock.

We've played "chicken feet" dominoes on many occasions, too. Great fun!

One of the cool things about living in the Caribbean is all the chickens running around. Thank goodness they all have THEIR feet!

Michael said...

We were in town today, with Goliath strolling along beside us. We started crossing the street and saw there were three people walking there, with a chicken out in front of them (it had both its feet).

It was keeping pace, just like Goliath does with us, just a yard or so in front of them. I told them they should really keep their chicken on a leash.

None of them responded.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

A pet chicken would be cool.

Teresa said...

You always have a very interesting spin on things!!

But I'm with Terryc when she said it's frightening when men in sports bars think! LOL!!

And maybe I'm not seeing something correct but...I can never find enough meat on a wing to make it worth picking at!