Hurricane Chaser Wreg

I see from the latest forecast that Hanna will now hit my RV in Southport, NC. And so it is I find myself protecting my coastal property this evening.

I plan to stare into the eye of the beast tonight to be in place for an evaluation on whether to tow the RV back home until all these hurricanes pass.

Two hurricanes I’ve stared down in a week. I’m a tough guy, huh.

Not coming to see me Hanna? I’ll come down and see you bitch!

I was in the Apple store this morning in Charlotte with my friend Ty. He is a Mac guy and his notebook crashed. I laughed. He had a 12:30 appointment at the Apple store to fix it and I went with him.

A cool woman (they think they are all cool) called his name and he came forward. I followed. She looked at me and asked if I was moral support. I said, “No. I’m PC.”

She laughed heartily. I just kill myself sometimes.

There was this guy standing around in the Apple Store with a bright pink hat with the bill turned up like Gomer Pile. You young folks Google Image Gomer Pile. It ain’t pretty.

He kept scratching his forehead making his pink hat slide back while his mouth hung open like Gomer.

It was all I could do to not walk over and slap the ever loving dog shit out of him and tell him to act right. I’m note sure why he pissed me off so bad. I am usually a bit more tolerant. He was a fruit ball.

Do you remember a while back when I was stealing Wifi from Mike down in Southport?

Well it seems that Mike is not a porn man since when he comes home on the weekend he turns off his Internet connection.

Back in June I decide to order my own broad band for the RV and tried ATT DSL. They botched the order ASAP so I cancelled the service before it was installed.

Today I got a bill for $99.00 for the first month including a phone line and installation.

I spent 58 minutes on the phone and finally told them to disconnect, I’ll pay the bill, and give them another $100 if they could get me off the phone now. They couldn’t understand my story and thought I was trying to screw them.


none said...

An apple crashing? Perish the thought!

Pink Gomer pyle style...yeah you should have slapped him...and yelled "surprise surprise surprise!"

TerryC said...

Why can't we be more sympathetic when those poor Mac users have computer issues?

"No. I'm PC." Love it!!

Teresa said...

I absolutely HATE having to make phone calls like that! I cringe when a bill comes and it's wrong...cringe!!

MELackey said...

idiot probably needed to pull his pants up...