Oh Sweet Victory!

We had a great day of live football in Charlotte. We all headed to the sacred tailgate grounds around 9 AM for a chicken wing and Michelob Light breakfast.

Then the meat fest continued with brunch of brats, hamburgers, hotdogs and skewered shrimp.

We had special guest tailgaters from Chicago who brought food, friendship, and a team to beat in the heat.


Jay said...

Nothing more fun than tailgating. Unless it's the game itself. But, I know a lot of people who love to show up for the tailgating and then don't go to the game!

terri said...

Chicken wings and beer for breakfast? My stomach hurts just thinking about it!

Anonymous said...

Your team won? What does that feel like?!

We made wings as well. Wings and Bud Select. The birthday breakfast of choice!