Other Observations

Have you ever traveled to another land and after about two days their culture went from charming to annoying? If not give Mexico a whirl; if you not sick of loud bugles, tacky costumes and la bamba then you are a better person than me.

Louisiana was starting to get on my nerves just a tad. How about a salad guys? Got any Cajun songs that are not some heavy fiddle music?

During the evacuation a few folks got testy but I think those folks were assholes anyway.

At a crowded rest area a young woman attempted to walk her two large young labs while her husband tended to other things. It seems that one lab broke from his collar and jumped into a stranger’s car and landed in the driver’s seat. The dog was clearly afraid and confused.

The husband ran over and got his dog out of the man’s car, apologized and waited for his wife to help with a new leash and collar. All the while this man screamed at the young husband in a loud animated fashion that he should have control of his animal.

I saw the whole thing unfold so I went to the young woman and took a leash to the young husband. He thanked me.

I gave the loud asshole a stern look and he shut up.

And finally one evening we were at a bar in the hotel having supper and a few beers. A young woman came in that was obliviously one toke over the line. She was drunk as Cooter Brown but in an entertaining way.

She was accompanied by her less drunk boy friend.

One of the patrons at the bar began to yell at her for being drunk. Hello! We are in a bar in New Orleans…this is what happens to most folks if you sit here long enough.

I reasoned with the man and told him she was harmless and was on schedule to begin crying or pass out soon.

She began to cry a few minutes later and her boyfriend escorted her out.

Be nice people. Drunks and dogs are people too.


Ken said...

That's right...just be nice.