Hick Alert!

Sometimes I feel like such a hick. A moment ago I had this conversation with Shannon of Sirius satellite radio. 

Me – “I need the little thang that plugs in my dash..... my dawg broke it off.”

Them – “Are you talking about the power cord Wreginald?”


Maybe I should have practiced what I was going to say while I was on hold.   


terri said...

I talk to a lot of customers on the phone in my job and I hate it when they sound proper and practiced. Shannon obviously doesn't know how to have fun in her job. On Friday, I apologized to one of my customers for not getting their information pulled up quickly and explained, "I must be dyslexic today." He laughed.

But talk about feeling like a hick... I just listened to a recording of myself and definitely thought I sounded exactly like FARGO!

Alyssa said...


I try to get Zig to make most of those types of calls.