A Short Vlog and Opinion

Remember Ike and Gustov a few weeks ago?  For most of us hurricanes make TV news watchable.


There is noting quite like a good natural disaster to take your mind off politics and financial markets. And we Americans do natural disaster coverage first class.


Hurricanes are the perfect news story if you think about it. You know pretty much where the news will be and when it will be. There is a build up; Then the actual hurricane; Then the aftermath and damage. All of this news delivered to you in High Definition TV.


The film crew packs up and every goes about their normal life. How fun was that?


The problem is unless you have experience a hurricane you have no idea of the hardship that lays ahead for folks in its path.


Americans down in Houston and Galveston are still waking up to dark powerless homes, no running water and no place to escape the debris. No one is going to clean up this mess for them and they have to do the clean for themselves. It gets old too.


There will be nothing near normal for them for a long time. They will have to face the reality of this disaster every day. This will go on for weeks, months and years.


It took Gigi and I ten plus years to completely clean up from hurricane Hugo. It took two weeks to restore water and power. I remember thinking that the world had forgotten us.   


Remember these folks and everyone in the path of these terrible storms. It takes a long time to heal.


And now for a Friday Vlog. I recorded a drive through the cut on I-40 in the North Carolina Mountains the other day. The video is short and it takes you in a tunnel.


MELackey said...

Living in Houston for the first couple of days after Ike rolled through was like living in a 3rd world country, the difference is that our huts are a little nicer than the agerage Pygmy's, but they are not as well suited to the lack of electricity.

I was lucky that we had minimal damage and got power back after 2 days. Our office is still down as are large parts of town.

Gasoline is back in good supply as are most groceries, although the dairy and meat products are taking a little longer to get back supplied because many sotres are still on generators and don't have the power to operate all of the coolers.

Those folks down on the coast are going to take years, if they ever get things back together. There is talk that some of them will end up forfeiting their beach front property to the State of Texas under a law written decades ago to keep beaches public (coast changes, their house is now on "public land" )

Jay said...

I need to figure out how to add music to my driving vlogs. That would be more fun than my constant running commentary.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Jay....I use Windows Movie maker (free) and mute the sound. Then add a track and you have music or whatever. Very easy.