And finally….

We had one fellow in our group that could tell a story that could keep your attention like when you were a kid hearing a story from your teacher or old relative. He is only 54 but had life experience like he was 154.

These stories were good and he had about 15 hours of them. I never got annoyed at his talking. These were damn good man stories and I laughed.

He wasted no words or sentences but covered all the details. Some were funny and some were sad. Some were adult in content.

He never repeated a story even though we all have plenty of adult beverages over the weekend.

We all took turns at storey telling but I think his were the best.

I swear I recall the radio only being played once while we all listened to a football game.

The rest of the time this new friend entertained us.

It was a damn good one of a kind man weekend.


none said...

Good story telling is becoming a lost art. Sounds like a good time.