An Idea

I was attending a funeral the other day. While waiting for the 

service I closely watched the funeral director close the coffin noting something I can imagine being very handy for the tailgater.


Take you average run of the mill coffin. Tear out all the fluffy stuff inside and replace the right side with a built in grill and the left side with a cooler. Put in some drawers at the bottom for storage and you’ve got yourself one nifty tailgate package.


How cool would that be?


Oh lets take this further. Find an old hurst and have it painted up with your team colors.


Then roll out the coffin, fire up the grill and pop open a cool one.  A cool one…that’s funny.


I need to go pack for Southport and stop thinking.  


Anonymous said...

As morbid as that is, it is truly an awesome idea.

BUT, you forgot about the small LCD that would flip down from the coffin top when opened to watch all the pre-game festivities :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes. Very good. Just lift the lid and there would be a flat panel TV.

Plus you would have to have embedded speakers for music and surround sound.

I saw cheap metal coffins online for #995.

Michael said...

Its a good idea, but not totally new. I've known people with refurbished hearses, and some with coffin coolers too. Now the double sided cooler/grill is a new twist. You get points for that.

The flat panel would also be nifty state-of-the-art addition.

Another suggestion, for those big rivalry games, paint the coffin in the colors of the opposing team.

terri said...

Your mind works in mysterious ways, Wreg!

Anonymous said...

Haven't been to your blog in obviously waaay too long.
It's how I miss ditties like this one.

You get team points for this idea and Mother Theresa points for Abby.

Love your blog- really it's the dark humor.

Teresa said...

Hmmm...that one left me scratching my head... :)