Captain America to the Rescue!

Boy am I tired. I feel like one of those Eboli Monkeys bit me.


This is a cruel email I sent yesterday to a friend who works for failing insurance giant AIG and his response.




I know soon you will be cleaning out the promotions room with all the AIG stuff. Don't forget Ty and I. We prefer wicking golf shirts in a Medium size. Also we are willing to hit AIG golf balls.


Realize that your promotional items are heavily discounted so you can give us legally far more product than you could just a few weeks ago.


Keep your head up.


We're thinking about you.




DUDE! I needed that...thanks for making me laugh ;)




Well it seems that last night before I went to bed that Santa Fed agreed to bail out AIG with 85 Billion your money to save the world from Financial Collapse. Yes the markets would have collapsed, I do not jest. And yes that is American tax dollars used to save the worlds largest international group of thieves and the world markets.  


Basically we nationalized a company like some third world country would do. So Americans we now collectively own an insurance company just like the constitution says.


Enough of my soapbox.


I have found a forever home for Abby. This means I drive back to Tennessee tonight and pick up Abby to deliver her to the NC Coast on Friday.



terri said...

Eric's a good sport!

I'm so glad to hear that Abby's got a permanent home now.

Ali said...

LOL - fantastic email!

And so glad Abby has a forever home now :)

And...I may just be being dumb here but what does Cef mean?

Jay said...

The collapse of world markets sounds like a pretty good idea too.

Anarchy rules!!

Everybody loves the free market until it's their investment that goes down the crapper. Then they want the government to bail them out.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ali, Cef is an island expression loosely translated means everything is cool, alright, no problems. Rhymes with reef.

Ali said...

Ah, I see. I'll use it on Chris and he won't have a clue :)

Unknown said...

It's actually "Safe", as in "Are you alright?", "Yeah, I'm safe", I'm OK, Irie. But down here, the way the locals (and Peter) say it, it's "Cef" or more like "se-ef" stretched out almost to two syllables (you Southerners should have no problem) but with more of an "eh" sound than "E" (you canadians should have no trouble). I'd say it rhymes with ref, but the "eh" is longer.

Herein concludes your Cruzan lesson for the day. ;)

Ali said...

Thanks Michael - I actually practiced it along with your instructions. I'm Canadian, so no problems :)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael is "good people".