How to Self Destruct a Liberal – They Can’t Help It

Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to politics I am right of a Libertarian. So steadfast and unique in my views am I that I decided no political party could represent me so I went unaffiliated last year.

What is curious is I tend to attract friends and clients that are politically polar opposites of my political views. They tend to range from old line yellow dog Chicago/Roosevelt union democrats to Hollywood greenhouse gas regulate everything because absolute government is good liberals.

What I have found in common with them all is if exposed to their Kryptonite it will make them cringe like a vampire staring at a crucifix and will result in them collapsing into a babbling pile of mush.

I was talking to a client Thursday and simply asked in these exact words, “What do you think of the President’s economic stimulus package?”

I realized that the introduction of politics even at this arms length level would expose her raw angry liberal side. She couldn’t help herself and within 70 seconds she was berating Sara Palin like she was running the federal government.

It used to be that Dick Chaney would self district a liberal but I’ve gotta say this new and more powerful Sara Palin Kryptonite is impressive at bringing a polar bear loving tree hugger to the point of spewing angry hate at a woman with a bun in no time at all.

Give it a try …next time you are talking to a liberal just toss out the name of Sara Palin and watch the fun unfold. They can’t help themselves.


Anonymous said...

I attract the same kind...but to me that means your open enough that people from all walks of life are comfortable with you...maybe. Maybe we're just too hot for words. Evil grin.

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