Spring, Audits and Taxes Oh My

I have my annual internal audit today. I hate audits because I hate details. I’m a big picture guy in the role of an accountant today and this make my head smoke. There will definitely be an ozone smell in the office by 5 PM.

The fact that I’ll be hanging around until 5 PM make me tired.

Gigi and I are on the verge of a home remodel. We have the plans, the estimates, good credit, decent income, and home equity. The problem is we have unusual property and it takes someone with balls to give us an appraisal.

8 acres, a house and a small unconnected guest house, and a barn was impossible for the last person to assign a number and therefore no loan.

We have tentatively decided on a return to St Croix episode 16. It looks like the first week of September barring any hurricanes or home remodels.

The place we have decided on is a tiny one bedroom villa located in the Cane Bay area. This is a view from the deck with waves crashing below.

Oh I just about forgot. I’m playing golf tomorrow for the first time since December. It’s supposed to be 49 degrees and raining. Whoop dee damn doo. That ought to get the blood ah pumping.


Rock Chef said...

The guy just couldn't put a price on it? Amazing!

The St Croix place look wonderful!

Unknown said...

SO while people are at your office auditing you, you'll be playing golf?

I like it!!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No I'm playing golf tomorrow.

none said...

Hope you enjoyed your golf game.

I want to get out and hit a few myself but I'll have to wait till next month.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this time we'll be able to catch you and Gigi. That house belongs to friends of ours and is two minutes from where we live.
Kelly and I had our pre-wedding night party on that very deck!