Please Mr. President

I got to tell you I see a disaster coming and no one sees it but me.

I’m watching nightly how the local townsfolk are sandbagging the banks of a cresting Red river in North Dakota.

Two things can be done to avoid a white folk’s version of Katrina.

First, get your ass out of there now. I said now!

Second, the President himself needs to stand on the banks of the river and command that the water dissipate. You’ll recall the accusations that George Bush refused to use his God Like powers of the Presidency to command the waters go away in New Orleans because he wanted to kill the poor blacks.

Yes this all makes perfect sense now. I’m going to put on my tin foil hat and wait.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wreggie! Tin foil hat week was boring without you. lol!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, You've got a tinfoil hat? Can you point me to a good store for one or a site that could provide instructions for the proper construction of said anti-conspiracy hats? I firmly believe the government and certain corporations are targeting me specifically and trying to ruin my life as well. Ha ha ha ha.

terri said...

You tell him, Wreg! My kid is gonna be stuck up there! It sounds like flood waters will reach within a block of his house just off campus. I asked what the evacuation plan was for students. He said, "Wait until the authorities tell us when or where."

Yeah. Good plan. I'm not worried about my baby at ALL.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You know what? I just realized that some of this ice froze on President Bush's watch so it still his fault!