PC Blues

I got a nasty stinking virus this past week and it took me days to shake it. I know exactly when I caught it too because things started acting strange to me right away.

It was my dear old rebuilt laptop that caught the bug not me.

I am struggling along with this 3 year old PC not wanting to spend $1500 for a new one. I never buy the low end $399 Acers at Wal-Mart because I want speed and power.

Last week I got a CD in the mail from a friend with photos on it from our February trip to St Croix. The CD was made at the CVS pharmacy shop so I felt safe to pop it right in and have a look see.

The next day my computer was bogged down and pop up were flying everywhere. My virus vault was full and the Trojan virus was replicating itself. No matter how many times I cleaned it the darn thing kept coming back.

Then I realized just yesterday that the beast had taken up residence in my “Restore” area of my computer. I finally cornered the little bastard and now everything is back to normal.

I gave my MIL a lesson on her $399 Wal-Mart Acer laptop yesterday. It was like trying to teach a pig to whistle. It ain’t going to happen and you’ll just end up pissing off the pig. She is totally and completely mouse deficient.

Something between the hand, the eye and the brain is completely burned out.

I was going to put her on my new Wii Fit for laughs and giggles but Gigi reined me in and told me to act nice.


terri said...

I know who to go to if I ever run into those kind of problems. I think I'd be a little easier to teach than teaching a pig to whistle.

none said...

I made the mistake of buying a PC for an older relative..I was constantly on the phone trying to explain things step by step and going over and reloading the system after they clicked on "free money from Nigeria"

Ken said...

My mom can't get the swing of it either. Maybe that's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Always remove viruses in "safe" mode. When you boot up hit F8 and choose safe mode w/o networking. Then run your virus or spyware software. Those viruses don't load in safe mode. So it's easy to delete them.