This morning I am slowing cooking some peppery thick sliced bacon to go with my home grown eggs and reading the Wall Street Journal online while sipping rich coffee.

Winter still clings here. It has rained for days and the temperatures hover around 40 day and night. This pattern should continue for a few more days.

I don’t read conventional news papers anymore. I read the Wall Street Journal extensively every day online. I align my thoughts with many of their editorial opinions and enjoy their fine journalistic writings on many subjects. This newspaper has great content and I pay $79 a year for it.

What I find intriguing is that once a month or so I’ll email the writer of a particular article and more often than not they’ll write me back.

I also read The Charlotte Observer Online mainly for sports, local business and news. Sometimes I email a comment the writers too but never have any written me back.

A local paper verses a national paper. Free subscription Verses a paid subscription.

I think if more people knew how to use an RSS reader like Google reader then papers like The Charlotte Observer would be ancient history. I certainly wouldn’t pay for their fluff.


terri said...

I think the local newspapers here are constantly struggling to some degree to increase subscription levels. But why pay for a subscription if you can read for free online? We took a special offer, we get the Friday, Saturday and Sunday papers delivered. (I like to get the grocery coupons on Sunday.) If I want to read the rest of the week, I can pull it up online.

Anonymous said...

How were the eggs, Wreggie?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

They were fantastic!

I pulled a giant egg from the nest this morning.

TerryC said...

I didn't know you were raising giants, too. ;-)

Rock Chef said...

I am buying our local newspaper more and more these days. I enjoy seeing them struggle to present our town as a lovely quaint seaside resort while also reporting gangs of 70+ drunk teenagers rampaging along the seafront...