New Words

About a month ago I was on the island of St Croix and I was eating lunch prior to departure at the local hangout for tourists called Cheeseburgers in American Paradise. (Yes they had to change their name for threats from Jimmy Buffet some years ago)

One of our group members…I’ll call him Joe, because his name is Joe, asked the waitress for a ramekin of ranch dressing.

“A ramekin…huh…WTF?”, I thought.

The waitress said okay and I’m beginning to quiz Joe.

“Joe, what the hell is a ramekin?”

Judy starts laughing.

“Why it’s a small bowl Wreggie.”

Soon the waitress returned with a small plastic cup/bowl of dressing.

Judy said, “They use that word a lot.”

I personally never heard the word and neither had Gigi.

Tonight Gigi and I were at supper at Outback Steakhouse and Gigi quizzed the waiter.

“Sir, what is this called”, while pointing to a small bowl of butter.

“Why that is a ramekin mamm."

Enjoy the video.......


Nicole Gariepy said...

Learning a new word, and the proper usage, on St. Croix, who'dathunkit?

CarmenSinCity said...

I know ramekin because I used to wait tables. I think that's the kind of word you would only know if you worked in the restaurant industry.

Chris said...

I think Hulu is some kind of top secret link, protected by the CIA.
We can't watch those videos here in Canada. :(

But we can send you good booze!
Good trade off?

Anonymous said...

Like that word...creme brulee comes in those so it's burned in my brain...

TerryC said...

And, what, exactly, does this ridiculous (but funny as shit) video have to do with the word "ramekin"?

Come on, Wreg, I thought you'd worked in a restaurant. Guess dey didn't use ramekins in dat place.

Judy said...

I had never heard that word before until Joe and Laura used it. Now I hear it used a lot.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I still don't hear the word used.

I was in and out of the food industry and never heard the word.

The video was just funny as shit and had nothing to do with a ramekin.

Michael said...

Nic - Though technically they learned the word and usage while on St. Croix, you notice the knowledge was imparted by their traveling companions, not a local source. Yet they still found it necessary to get a second opinion stateside, before fully accepting its veracity.

Wreg - are you sure Uncle Jemima doesn't keep a ramekin of mash liquor on his pancake plate?

Rock Chef said...

Uh? The video only works in the USA!

Ramekin makes me think of children's TV for some reason!

Ken said...

Ramekin sounds like a word running through my head waiting for your site to load. oops, did I say that? Well now that I'm spewing, yeah man your site is getting to be a bit of a pain going back from comments to the main page waiting for the ramekin to pass AND I can't get out of your site without clicking two or three times and it's getting all ramekin! What's up?