Prepare For Summer!

Sunday I waxed the Jeep and the full red color came sparkling back from neglect during the winter.

Next the roof came off and Cedie and I went for a long drive in the country.

The air was cool in the low 60’s but I didn’t care. I turned on the heat and drove no faster than 45 MPH to conserve the heat bubble around my legs and feet.

This coming Saturday promises sunny and 77 so the boat is definitely coming out. I’m dying to get back to the peace and calm of the lake.

Hopefully I can find that family of muskrats I saw last year. I know if you live on a lake or maintain a pond they are not so cute because they destroy dams and seawalls. They are darn cute in the water.

This year I plan a few custom additions to my Porta-Bote like a lightweight plank floor for my dog to sit on and for the gas tank and or cooler to sit on. Otherwise everything (dog included) tends to funnel down to the middle of the boat. I don’t know how many times my cooler tipped over last summer causing potential beer hardship.

I found this cool swivel that attaches to my plank seats so I can add a fold down swivel seat with a back. Now that’s high styling.

Oh and I found a cheap battery bilge pump to keep the water out from waves splashing over. No more hand bailing for this man.

I’ll have my Bote so loaded down this summer that it may not float.


Unknown said...

Make sure you don't weigh it down too much, I still wanna be able to get my fat ass in to it :)

Ken said...

You "GOT" to start looking for a bigger boat for next year.

none said...

sounds like you are good to go.

You can't beat spring weather for driving with the top down.

memobug said...

Where'd you find that cool swivel bracket, wReg?

memobug said...

Where'd you find that cool swivel bracket, wReg?