This Makes Me Mad Too

I had lunch today with a group of my peers and the speaker was noted CNBC conservative economist Marci Rossell. It was intriguing to hear about what she thought of the current banking crisis.

Her “warm up” was a fellow from a product sponsor that paid her fees trying to pump up some of his xyz product.

He was a speaker that constantly asked questions and expected audience responses.

Please don’t do this to me ass lips. Tell what you have to say as best as you can. The act of switching my powerful brain from listening to thinking and back to listening angers me. I don’t participate in “showing of hands” about what I think either. Just leave me alone and tell me a story.


Judy said...

I know what you mean about that!

Jay said...

I love to watch CNBC. It's very entertaining to watch those people who are wrong about 90% of the time but get to keep their jobs.

mr zig said...