Sliders Anyone?

The restaurant downstairs in our building had a special on their board yesterday for “2 Grecian Chicken Sliders”. That sounds so gross that I want to do a back flip and puke.

I’m sorry; a slider is not a good name for any food.

We are headed to a wedding this weekend in Baltimore, MD and I can’t wait to get out of town. In fact I’m leaving a night early so Gigi and I can have a romantic evening at the Richmond Omni.

I have a big fancy room reserved. We’ll get in early and stay late and order as much room service as needed.

I always carry a swim suit when I go to a nice hotel thinking that I’ll swim. I love to swim in the blue salty waters of the Caribbean however when I walk in to a steamy heated closed in hotel pool area thick with a chlorine fog I can only think of foot fungus and dead bacteria floating around me.

I’ll carry my swim suit again, not yellow boy of course but a back up just in case.

Well I have to run now and check the chickens, clean out the Roomba, and unload some hay.


Unknown said...

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend.

I agree the name Sliders is a horrible name for a food and I refuse to call my miniburgers that. I call them miniburgers instead.

Rock Chef said...

Sliders? No, I don't think I would eat one of those. Sounds horrible.

Have a great time!

Chris said...

Have a good time this weekend.

When I hear the word slider, I think of White Castle.

terri said...

I thought sliders was the nickname for White Castle burgers (which make me want to puke, hold the backflip.)

Enjoy your hotel stay. We're taking the kids to a hotel tonight and hanging out at the pool with friends. All I can think is how muggy it will feel and how the chlorinated water is going to fade the color on all the swimsuits.

MELackey said...

Have a good weekend. It's my birthday, so I'm having a guys weekend at the ranch. Actually just my son Matthew and My buddy Tommy. Either way, it's better than a weekend hanging around the house...

Michael said...

Sliders sounds like something you could get at Chuck-O-Rama, an eatery every bit as appetizing as it sounds.