On the Road Again...

Gigi and I are in Richmond, Virginia this evening. We got a great rate at the Omni and it is what I expected. Very nice accommodations discounted for a recession.

I entered the room and immediately took off my pants for comfort.

I told Gigi, “Ali does this you know.”

“How in the hell do you know about Ali taking her britches off?”

“She blogged about it once and took a picture.”

Gigi here…..
For those that are faint of heart or easily nauseated you might not want to read this part!!
But You know you will anyway right????
Wreggie is getting ready to shower at Hotel & says “now you know the bar of soap is going directly on my butt? So are you sure you don’t want to go first??”
Me “you mean you are literally going to stick the bar ‘up there’ ???? ooooohhhhhh!!!!” “Why can’t you just soap up your hands or a washcloth….please??”
Wreggie “ No way, it’s soap anyway & I rinse it off”
Me “ I don’t do it that way & I just don’t think it’s ‘proper’ aka sanitary ….oh well , I’m using the hand soap : )!!!!!

Oh hush woman…


Ali said...

Uh, just for clarification, the picture was of my pants on the floor, not of my naked ass.

And Gigi...lol...love you! I would have the same problem if Chris used the soap like that.

terri said...

Hahahahaha! Gigi ambushed your blog and told secrets about you! I love that Gigi!

You taking your pants off reminds me of the movie, "Failure to Launch" where the character played by Terry Bradshaw decides he needs a naked room. He likes being naked so much he starts wanting to be naked all the time and making subtle hints like, "This shirt feels like it weighs a hundred pounds!" He starts to take it off and all his wife has to do is give him the evil eye and he gives it up.

Ali, thanks for clarifying! I wondered when I'd missed the R rated post!