Tin Foil Hat

I’ve always loved technology. This inbred nerd streak served me well in the 1990’s. I loved to stay on top of computers and software.

I couldn’t wait yesterday for the 3.0 iPhone release details and now I can daydream about the possibilities.

Gigi remarked that I was acting like I did back when DOS 6.0 was released. Yes, I was one of the nerds in the parking lot waiting for the midnight release outside of Egghead Computers.

I am no longer cutting edge because technology has forked in so many directions.

What I know is I want technology to serve me.

I love my iphone more that I ever thought I would. The possibilities are endless with this new upgrade due out in the summer.

It reminds me back about 9 years ago when I attended a conference. A speaker there that I can’t for the life of me remember his name told us about all the wonderful things we could expect in the next 10 years. This guy was dead on predicting storage would be measured in terabytes that broadband and wireless networks like 3G would be common, that medical information could flow remotely from the patient to the doctor and back.

He told us that computers would be tiny and handheld.

Did you see the new iPhone application that will measure blood pressure and pulse and send it to you doctor if you ask?

My medical records are going completly digital I was informed. No longer will hand written prescription be given out and soon I could download my complete records on a memory, Google Health, or my iPhone. This type of stuff is not good for the tin foil hat crowd but I love it.

This speaker also warned of pending doom in the housing markets. Damn I wish I could remember who he was.


Unknown said...

May 26th, 2009. That is the day I join the iPhone community.

I have waited 3 long years (or is it 2? I dunno, feels like 3!) for the iPhone and I will finally get one in May when I am due for my upgrade.

I live by my phone and iPod. Now they will be all in one with so much more.

I should start thinking of a name for my iPhone now.

I bet you named yours didn't you Wreg?

Rock Chef said...

My phone is so old it has monophonic ring tones! I can send texts on it. That is it!

terri said...


I WANT the iPhone. Or at least the iTouch. At first I thought I'd have no use for such a thing. Then I saw a few of these up close and personal and I now have iJealousy.

Stacy said...

you were a dos nerd ha ha