April 15

Normally I have my annual tirade about taxes but this year I’ll just suck up and write a check.

I actually made less in revenues last year but ended up with more taxable income and paid a lot more in taxes.

You see I cut my business expenses drastically trying to conserve money for bad times. Money conserved not wining and dinning means more income passed along to me and more taxes.

This year I vow to play a little more golf with clients, entertain a little more, maybe buy a new company car.

Either that or give it away for someone else to do it.


Unknown said...

I will gladly accept any donations you may have. You can write them out to the "Jay-Gray-Par-Tay Foundation".

Thank you.

Judy said...

Funny, Jay Gray!!!

Rock Chef said...

Funny how the system can actually penalise good management!

Ali said...

I owe two thousand dollars in income tax, just got the bill yesterday. And Chris needs a new car.
Please, feel free to send that cash this way. I won't complain one bit ;)

none said...

hehe great cartoon!

Yep buisiness expenses are very important at tax time.

That's why I used to always make sure and do some work, meet customers and make some sales calls whenever I was on a vacation.

Jay said...

That's what you get for not working the system. How dare you try to run a smart business plan. Our government doesn't care for those shenanigans. ;-)

TerryC said...

Sorry you didn't allow yourself to "din" so much, last year ;-) . Did you save on your gym membership by denying yourself those extra calories?

Anyway, where is your patriotic spirit? How valuable is it that your lovely wife gets to go out in public to shop, wearing whatever she wants (as long as it's clothing) unescorted?

And she can even go to school if she'd like, without getting acid thrown on her face.

Oh, the hardships you Americans suffer when you have to pay taxes because you are unlucky enough to have been born in America.....(sigh)

Still love ya' Buddy ;-) for true!

terri said...

I think there's a lesson to be learned here. What was that saying? Oh yeah... Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

mr zig said...

I have not even started on my taxes this year... (ours are due April 31st) - at this point I have no idea If I'll have to pay or get a refund! - oh man, i'm really hoping for a refund - especially cuz I left it this late!)