Tragic News

Remember my favorite pajama bottoms from last year?

I regret to inform my reading audience that just a few moments ago the ass end gave way as I was bending over setting down the electric saw.

I have worn these pants each winter for at least 5 years as my number 1 go to PJs.

I’m going to miss these pants. And please…don’t tell yellow boys for now.


terri said...

Please accept my condolences. Will there be a memorial service? And where can I make a contribution in the p.j. pants' memory?

Hmmm... I love to shop. What brand were they and what size are you? I'll send you some fun new ones.

TerryC said...

Did Gigi take another picture of you bending over like that when it happened?

That would be scary!

Ken said...

That's so sad. It's hard to have an old cotton friend fail you.

But what makes me, really happy (it is all about me), is that when I came here to visit these last few days, there was NO POP UP fricken thing that makes me close it out and gives me a hard time LEAVING your blog.

Oh! Sorry did I let that out?

I bet you have a back-up pair of pajammas that has been waiting with baited breath for the others to fail. Embrace them, and let them be your favorite. Cotton rules! (but not on the AT or the ocean)

CarmenSinCity said...

awwwwwwwww - it's very sad. I hope you will be okay!

Michael said...

What in the world were you doing using an electric saw wearing your PJs?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Terri I'm not sure the brand but they were medium. I think you said your husband had a pair?

Micky, I think it was the webcam so I took it off. Visit more often.

Michael, it was a compound mitre saw on the bed of my pickup. I live in the woods so proper attire is optional in the morning.

Stacy said...

ha ha did it make a big RRIIIIPPP sound?

mr zig said...

nice picture... I may use it as my wallpaper! hehehehe - (just kidding - I wont)