In the Future....

This morning I woke up early, went into the living room and turned on the Wii Fit.

“Good morning Wreggie, you’re up early this morning.”

I smiled and thought about the April fools joke it told me yesterday morning. I never thought I would have a machine interacting with me like this.

I did my exercises and headed over to the guest house to clean out the robotic vacuum cleaner. This Roomba is doing a fantastic job on the wooden floors and rugs. I don’t mind at all walking barefoot over there. No more cat hair on the floor.

On my way to work an alarm went off on my GPS warning me of a Railroad track that didn’t have warning lights and cross arms when it suddenly occurred to me.

I’m living in an age where computers, satellite driven devices and robots are a part of my life now and I appreciate them beyond them being a novelty. They really help me live a better life.

I texted my nephew at the next traffic light and checked my email.


none said...

I don't have a robot vacuum yet and never use a cell phone.

But when they come up with a robot maid that scrubs toilets and does windows I'm totally there.

Unknown said...

You are aware one day robots will become so smart they will take over the world and have emotions and feel pain right? It is the age of spiritual machines.

Just wanted to point this out so one day when you go to your guest house and the Roomba jumps from a cabinet and knocks you out and then goes inside and forces Gigi to marry it you will not be surprised.

Ok I really need to stop drinking in the middle of the day!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Jay Gray!!! Too funny!!

Great post...I didn't know the Wii Fit said things like that. I soooo want one. I want a Rumba too. If those things come up missing...don't even ask me...I definately won't know where they are. LOL!!

terri said...

I'm afraid to use my Wii Fit. It's been a month and I'm afraid of being scolded.

Anonymous said...

It's weird you would say that, Wreggie--coincidental, I mean. I was just in traffic checking gmail and thinking the same one of the emails was a link back to my blog and it kinda sank in just how much this stuff is woven into our lives now.