Wreggie Gets Political

I just noticed that when I rearranged my blog links a few weeks ago to a lower spot on the right column that I deleted the links by accident. I’ll get your links back up this weekend. Sorry, I hope I didn’t come off snobby not having my fellow bloggers there with me.

I am up early for two reasons. The weather is perfect and I am playing golf at 1:10 PM.

Second, it is Masters Weekend and I going to watch Arnold Palmer tee off at 7:45 AM to get the tournament underway.

I see my president is getting around to talking to the enemy now like he promised and they don’t much want to talk to him. North Korea and Iran pretty much hate everyone and they have at least unofficially snubbed my president. I hope he has a plan B.

Mr. Obama sent the congressional black caucus to Cuba for talks and Fidel and Raul seemed more than happy to jump in the sack with the US. Next year this time we’ll be drinking Cuban Rum and smoking Cuban cigars for sure. I wonder if they’ll have a non stop from Charlotte.

I did see Mr. Obama is winding down the war in Iraq as he promised but starting up another major conflict with the Afghans. This doesn’t seem wise to me but who am I to say. The Soviets tried with 110,000 troops and couldn’t flush the scourge out of the rocks.

Personally I would continue this conflict with drones and small tactical forces to keep the bad guys at bay but again who am I to say. Afghanistan just looks like a bunch of rocks to me.


none said...

Pull our guys out and nuke them into glass. That's about the only way to get respect in the muslim world.

terri said...

I always forget to update my blog links. I add them in my reader, completely forgetting to add a link on my page.

Rock Chef said...

Has anyone ever won a war in Afghanistan? I can't think of anyone!