Cheese Toast

It stopped raining this morning! It has been raining for many weeks with few breaks. Yea blue skies! Boo rain.

I love cheese toast. I made it yesterday and today. Nothing fancy…good Colby jack cheese, butter and I like Pepperage Farm Sourdough bread. Did you know you can find Pepperage Farm Sourdough bread in St Croix only it’s frozen?

Anyway I broil it slow and make sure it bubbles and browns nicely. Damn it’s good comfort food.

I was checking airfares this morning to several destinations and do you know I can fly to Moscow Russia for slightly less than it costs me to go to St Croix?

Now talk about some massive layovers heading to the Russian Federation but none or maybe one in Miami if I travel south.

I kind of like island hopping to get there but Gigi doesn’t. I consider Miami an island because it is culturally isolated with a heavy Cuban influence.

Then San Juan is fun for a layover. There you see white guys like me just yapping away in Spanish. The next minute they are talking in English better than I can speak.

Next St Croix where the whites speak plain old run of the mill English with no discernable accent but the black have this wonderful thick accent and speak Cruzan along with English.

Damn that was good cheese toast. Ya’ll have a good weekend.


none said...

With cheese toast I take crusty french bread, spread butter and olive oil and toast it under the broiler for a min, then I add shredded cheddar with a touch of mayo then spread it over the top with a couple of slices of tomato salt and pepper then broil until the cheese bubbles.

Damn now I'm hungry.

terri said...

I make mine like Hammer...only on whatever bread happens to be available. There's nothing like a fresh slice of tomatoe on top of a hot piece of cheese toast. Yum! I have to look for your bread for next time. That sounds really good.

Chris said...

I'll one up you.

Garlic cheese toast.


mr zig said...

I'm hungry... I want cheese toast! Hm... perhaps now is a good time! thanks for the snack idea! :)