A New Adventure

I’m going to Bermuda….yep that settles it.

Yesterday afternoon I was caressing my checks that I was about to send to the government when my phone rang.

It was Michael from St Croix. We discussed manly stuff for a while then he got to the meat of the conversation. But I digress further…..

Back in January he and his lovely bride Terry were at a charity silent auction. One of the prizes was a one way ticket for two from St Croix to Bermuda as working crew members on the 100 year old sailing vessel The Roseway.

Now you have to be a certain type of individual that would find this appealing. No baths, no booze, hard work at the high seas for a week or more in cramped quarters with strangers.

That adventure appeals to me and it did to them so they bid and won.

It was suggested that Gigi and I meet them when they arrive sometime in May. After all Bermuda is closest to North Carolina and Gigi and I have always wanted to visit.

Michael detailed the trip as he knows it. The sailing times are as uncertain as the weather. But it looks like Gigi and I will go there on a Thursday in May and stay through until Tuesday the day after Bermuda Day or Memorial Day back home.

Now comes the Internet Stalking part where I study as much as I can about the island and culture. It will be my first visit to British territory and our closest neighbor to the sea.

What I have learned so far is they have a beach with bright pink sand, The Queen still has her rule over the culture and this place is a bit more formal than what I am accustomed to seeing on an island.

They must be a hearty bunch out there surviving on a small patch of land in the middle of nowhere. This will be fun.


Rock Chef said...

Watch out for that dreaded Triangle!

I have a friend who got married in Bermuda. He loved it.

Have a great time!

Ken said...

You will love it! It's an incrediblely clean and pretty island. You will either see the boat at Georgetown (they have to enter there)or in Hamilton. They may go over to the dockyard which is something you should not miss.
I have good friends in the dockyard rebuilding to museum quality a very large wood sailboat.

Unknown said...

You lost me at "no booze".

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No booze Jay.

Michael has been know to have some rum and Coke to settle the nerves at the end of the day.

He was told that no booze is allowed by the crew.

I would be finding a good parott to ride on my shoulder with a screw cap.

Michael said...

Hey! Isn't time to re-establish the Bermuda count-down?

none said...

That certainly sounds like an adventure. Be sure to arm yourself against pirates ;)

Ali said...

I'm still giggling to myself about the first line of this post, because I thought you had misspelled and written checks instead of "cheeks".
That will teach me to stop reading mid sentence :)

AmyK said...

I've been to many of the other islands but not Bermuda. Living in N.C. myself, now, I hope to take a trip over too. But the getting there should not be work. I'm not that brave.

mr zig said...

that does sound good!!!

*sorry i've been MIA with the comments over the past week! hectic week! - today is blog catchup day! -