A New Theme

Today is the first day of the year when I could walk out in shorts and flip flops and not be cold. And it promises to be glorious day weather wise.

Gigi and I are headed to Advance, NC mostly on beautiful back country roads in the Jeep to meet a bunch of people to look at some thoroughbred horses and to have a surprise party for my sister who just passed a major decade that will go unmentioned.

This is my third summer with my Jeep and it is truly my land boat. I have the most fun driving it in the warm weather.

This summer I have a new theme….gone is Shore Patrol and in with Wreggie Legend.

I have new stickers too. (Island readers: Have you ever wondered what we do with those stickers we buy at Scuba and Riddems?)

So the cooler is packed, the jeep waxed, plenty of sunscreen on board, a dog sitter will come by later to let the kids do their business and hopefully a wonderful ride in the country.

(Island Readers: This will be the equivalent to a Buck Island day in Origami.)


terri said...

Sounds like a day for the memory books! Enjoy!

I was in shorts and flip-flops two days ago. Today it's back in the 50's and rainy.

Anonymous said...

If you really want
to " island-ize" your car, you'd get a window sticker that says
" Above Da Law ", or " Own Da Streets ".
You'd have to distinguish here, whether someone was using the word
" teef " to pronounce teeth or thief!

Language could get you killed!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I am very blessed to live in a culturally diverse community. With that diversity comes may form of very active gangs.

I would be afraid to post “Own Da Streets” for fear of having a cap popped in my ass to prove to me otherwise.

So “Positive is How I Live” is about as harsh as I’ll get.

mr zig said...

Wreggie Legend... I like it :)

Chris said...

Did you happen to find a pearl wrapped in a paper towel?

I heard your Jeep grows those.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Chris...I took the pearl inside. Now I need to find it.