Bermuda Day

I picked late May to go to Bermuda quite by accident. It just happened to be the time Michael and Terry would arrive in Bermuda on The Roseway.

What I have come to find out is we will be there at a very festive holiday called Bermuda Day which is also the 400 year celebration of Bermuda.

So what started as an innocent long ass weekend trip turns out to be a great celebration of summer on the island. Go figure…me find a party on an island.

So I’ve been doing a lot of research about the island, do’s and don’ts, local customs, weather expectations, apparel (these are Brits with tea times) and such.

I looked at a list of prohibited items and it included yams, porn and carrots.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about yams and porn especially in late May. I wrote Michael and he commented that “What is Bermuda Day without yams?”

I have to agree. I’ll leave the yams and porn at home out of respect for the locals.

I can take 200 cigarettes if I so desire.


terri said...

I notice you said nothing about promising to leave your carrots at home. What have you got up your sleeve? I hope you're not planning on smuggling in some baby carrots and making a fortune on the black market with them.

none said...

There must be a burgeoning vegetable porn industry over there ;)

TerryC said...

....can't even type...laughing too hard over those two comments....