My Weekend

Saturday was one of those 10.0 days as far as I am concerned. It was clear and 73 degrees with slight breezes.

I spent the entire day outside replacing the vertical deck rails.

Earlier in the month the deck was power washed to bring back some new life to this now ageing deck. With the addition of the new rails I gotta say the old deck is looking good.

I bought some plants and a 27 foot rope light for the “dining area” of the deck. I finished the job, blew off debris and saw dust and fired up the rope lights. It looked good.

This morning when I got up to let the dogs out I noticed I forgot to turn off the rope lights. Three of the dogs ran out immediately to the picnic table and starred at the lights like perhaps an alien had landed over night.

We have two cold nights coming and then I think we may be out of the woods as far as winter is concerned.

I also “Jailbroke” my iPhone yesterday. Jailbreaking is a method of hacking an iPhone to allow 3rd party applications that Apple doesn’t offer. I now have video and can tether my phone to my PC to gain access to the Internet from the 3G network.

Today I picked up 8 bales of hay and unloaded two bags of feed for the horses and then burnt the burn pile. It still had Christmas wreaths in the pile and they set ablaze like gasoline.

Now it was time to fire up the lawn tractor for the season. The tires were flat and the battery was dead. It finally fired up with the proper charge and I cut the grass after picking up an entire winter worth of broken limbs and sticks.

I love the results of yard work but I gotta tell you I hate every minute of doing it. I wanted to get on the lake this weekend.


Chris said...

Is there good fishing in your area?

We long to own a house, but I already dread the yardwork...

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes. Most large lakes here have stripped bass which are great to catch and very good to eat. They get quite large.

Then we have large mouth bass, huge catfish, crappy, and brim.

A 3 1/2 hour drive to the coast opens up a world of fishing.

none said...

I've been doing some yard work too. High winds have dumped branches everywhere. Firing up the lawnmower is going to be a a pain in the ass after 6 months idle

terri said...

I woke up to snow, was out the door before 7 and spent the day at my daughter's volleyball tournament. When we left volleyball, the sun was shining and the snow was gone. Good day here too.

And I bought some Pepperidge Farm Sourdough bread so I can make cheese toast Reggie style.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh good Terri. I love that bread. I'm tempted to try the garlic and tomato too.

They have nice big slices so one usually does me.

It's double wrapped for freshness. Mitch Hedburg said he doesn't like that extra step between him and his toast.

Stacy said...

i dont do yard work. too many males in my house for me to bother. Plus I'm a little ok ok a lot lazy.

Ali said...

When I finally get to come down there, I hope you'll have a list of stuff like that you need help with. I am in need of some physical labour! Maybe we can clean out your garage!!!!! Yay!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I was kicking around in my garage just this morning looking at the area where you can't even step. Ask Chris...he's seen it.